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Elections in Spain will require that a potential left wing minority in government could form a coalition. That aside, the property market is non-buoyant and transaction levels are faltering along with a slight up-tick in unemployment. I should also mention that Brexit could be influencing the Brithish buyer in northern Spain.

JULY 2019

An element of our work is to provide property management services. Once you have purchased your house in Spain, which is often used for vacation purposes, then you have to consder who is going to look after it when you are not there. In our experience things do happen - water leaks, power cuts, damage by the elements to name but a few. Always consider this potential extra cost if you are in the process of buying.

JUNE 2019

Even as Brexit draws nearer there is still activity in the residential market across north Spain. I am often asked the question - "Should I carry out a survey of a property because I'm told it's not the norm here?" I'm a surveyor so it could be argued I'm bound to say yes, however if you are prepared to buy a stone and timber built property without knowledge of the stuctural integrity and the future maintenence liabilty, then Good Luck !! You will probably need it.

MARCH 2019

The spanish economy is steadily improving with lower unemployment figures and GDP at well above 2% and this is also reflected in the property market. The main influence in the property market in Spain is obviously domestic but for many years the foreign buyer and particularly the British buyer have been prevalent. This no longer the case however and the blame tends to fall mainly on Brexit although the exchange rate has a large part to play. In March the exchange rate has ticked up several points but will probably remain volatile as Brexit negotiations continue.


Property prices in Spain are the on the rise for the first time since before the financial crisis according to official figures. The Spanish economy as part of the european union has been on a steady upwards path for a couple of years and employment is coming down. This improvement in the economic performance has translated to an increasing number of transactions in the property market with some speculative purchasing aimed at the rental market. The current figures show a rise of just over 4% in the last quarter and in some cases more, for the north spanish property market.

JUNE 2018

The majority of foreign buyers in northern Spain are seeking the older stone built property in need of renovation. The planning process is an important consideration when budgeting for the purchase costs and advice on the process and permission costs should be sought in order to avoid any nasty surprises.

APRIL 2018

Many agents are complaining about the long winter and the lack of movement in the market. Transaction levels remain low for rural property and subsequently prices remain stagnant. One point to note is that I have noticed that many transactions are now proving more difficult to complete as due dilligence is throwing up problems on property registration on many rural properties - perhaps it is a sign of the times that the so called good value properties that are attracting buyers, are in fact, the properties with the most legal title issues.

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