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Planning Permission

    When considering a new build or renovation project the necessary permissions must be sought. Heavy fines and costs can accumulate if the correct permissions are not obtained. The process for obtaining the relevant permissions in Spain is significantly different from that in UK

    Different levels of planning permissions will be required depending on the works that are intended to be carried out. A qualified registered spanish architect will be required to prepare the plans in order to build a new construction whether it be for residential or commercial use. In some cases an architectural technician or aparejador can be used, but in all cases the format of the planning application has to adhere to both national and local regulations.

    Typically a full planning permission for a renovation including structural works, such as a new roof, will cost between 15% and 20% of the official budget submitted by the architect to the relevant council. The presentation of this official budget is where professional advice is required in order to keep costs to a minimum. Remember that the official budget is a administrative figure and is not the same figure as the actual construction cost.