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Surveys and Valuations

    A building survey is a comprehensive inspection suitable for all properties but especially for older properties, any building constructed in an unusual way regardless of its age, properties you are planning to renovate or alter in any way or properties that already have alterations.

    Valuation Survey (a valuation is not a survey) A valuation is carried out for a purchaser and it will simply provide a current market view of the value of the property taking into account factors such as location, condition and type of property. Also, a valuation can be carried out on behalf of your mortgage lender to spot anything that affects the security of your mortgage lender’s loan. A valuation will show whether the property is worth the amount that is being paid for it.

    Surveys for a specific purpose or purposes are often required in the purchase process. In the region many older rural properties are stone built with original timber structure roofs and a survey report can focus on these important issues.