Blakemore Walker

Property and Legal Consultants in northern Spain


    We specialise in the renovation of traditionally constructed stone and timber houses which are widely found throughout northern Spain. Our experience includes construction projects from the design and planning stage through to practical completion. We also deal with all the legal and statutory paperwork including relevant licences.

    It is now a normal planning requirement that alternative energy sources have to be incorporated as part of a project. Solar panels are most commonly used but there are alternatives, and consideration must be given to managing these so called extra costs so that any installed system works efficiently and is the correct installation for the property.

    When undertaking works on a building there are many issues to consider such as obtaining the correct licences for construction and presenting the correct project acceptable to the local planning authority. If the correct licences are not obtained the authorities will stop the works and penalties may have to be paid. Apart from the inconvenience caused by having works stopped, the financial costs to the property owner are usually significant.